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About Beauty & Spa

Come and you will be Inspired!

If you are a freelancer beautician we invite you on a journey and have a palpable experience. On the contrary, if you are seeking beauty services, relax in your humble abode where one call will confirm your appointment with us.

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Discover the pure power of skin care

Whether it is the scorching summers or brutal winters, the skin faces a lot of atrocities throughout the year varying from pollution to sweat. That is why it needs a day off. Hence, discover the true potential of skincare with our freelancers who undergo a rigorous procedure to provide outstanding results.

                                                                                    Best with Zytrio

                       Be Treated like Royalty!

We render the services at your home, doesn’t mean that the quality of the experience will go down. We make sure that if you cannot visit the royalty, our hand-picked freelancers bring it to you.

Greatness from nature

We know that artificial products may harm your skin. To circumvent such heinous crime we have strict policies against the use of artificial products and we ensure that only natural products are used b.y the freelancers.

Youthful, glowing Skin Care

It is not youth we promise because that is a sham. But a glowing and youthful skin can be achieved by our services. Our freelancers bring you skincare regimes that are dinkum and guarantee promised results as our beauticians know what’s best for you.

Get experts of your choice

Unlike a local salon, we do not believe in multi-tasking. We let you choose your own expert or we suggest the expert based on your requirements.

Where nature meets bliss

Treat Yourself for Rejuvenating Your Body & Soul

‘‘A society is nothing without women’’, but women deserve a day to celebrate themselves, so we invite you to have an experience that will wash away your worries and rejuvenate your body and soul. Our experts/ freelancers ensure that your temple- body and soul, reaches the state of serenity.

You deserve nothing but the best.

Let Your hair Shine With Special Offers

Most of us either wait for an occasion or offers to get that perfect hair. But our beauticians/freelancers provide you that shine with special offers throughout the year.

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