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Gunilla Skin Butik

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Since: November 03, 2020
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About Gunilla Skin Butik

ISA ALEX is an essential oil-based line of face and body products developed by acclaimed aesthetician Gunilla Eisenberg. A longtime favorite of the press, Eisenberg has made Allure’s Best Facialists list, as well as “Best of” lists in Modern Brideand DailyCandy.

Before she was making waves in the American press, Eisenberg learned about health and beauty from a wide variety of sources. A native of Denmark, she spent parts of her childhood in Nigeria and southern Spain, developing a love for exotic scents and natural ingredients. An early devotee of aromatherapy, Eisenberg spent many years studying essential oils and their effect on the skin, but the focus of her popular facials has always been results and she couldn’t seem to find a product line that combined her passion for essential oils with her commitment to results. So, she

ade her own line of facial oils based on the wholistic idea that “like treats like”; applying an oil on the skin, reduces oil production and can improve skin conditions by enhancing hydration, brighten the complexion, calm inflammation, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Drawing on her knowledge of essential oils and their individual benefits, she created her own highly effective blends for use during her facials. Not only was she happy with the results, but her clients were too, and soon began asking if she sold the oil blends.

That got her thinking that she probably should. I thought, this way I will know for sure that the ingredients are of the highest quality, and that they deliver the key benefits I want and so ISA ALEX was born, The perfect blend of Eisenberg’s various influences, the oils are complex blends made from the purest of ingredients, they smell and feel great, but are highly effective. They take a pragmatic, Scandinavian approach to beauty, which requires that every ingredient have a clear function.

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